Sell replacement windows – a business opportunity

Published: 29th September 2008
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Among the certain facts in everyone's life, one is that we all like to keep our homes as up to date and clean and tidy as possible, and sometimes we like to replace items with newer versions to improve the look of our home.

Windows are a prime example of this, as not only do traditional wooden window frames have a set natural life - wood rots, after all - but the new styles of vinyl window that are on the market look good and add a modern touch to any home.

This is why the opportunity to sell replacement widows is hot property in business terms, and more people are turning to this area of home improvement as a lucrative and secure business idea.

A new way of setting up in business

You may never have though about selling replacement windows for a living, but lately a new way of getting into the market has become available, and it should be considered by anyone who is looking for a way out of that nine to five drudgery and boredom.

This method involves you becoming the proprietor of you own business, selling and fitting replacement windows, by becoming a licensee of an established window manufacturer.

This means you sell and supply their product, without the need to find a huge outlay such as that necessary when buying a franchise.

A known brand and quality

There are several major benefits to this method of selling replacement windows, in addition to the lack of a franchise fee, and all are enticing and positive.

Firstly, as you know the brand and product you will be supplying, you - and the customer - are assured of quality and success. There is no new market to explore or create, as the consumers already know that the brand you supply is a recognised market favourite.

Secondly, there is no hard sell involved, as people who need replacement windows will be inclined to approach you, and those that you do approach will recognise the well-known brand name anyhow.

In addition, the company provides licensees with first class and fully inclusive training in selling and fitting replacement windows, and guarantees you a good price range with which to make your mark on the market.

A massive and growing market

And it is that market that makes the opportunity to sell replacement windows worthy of serious consideration, as with upwards of 30 million sets being fitted each year, it can only continue as more and more homeowners see the benefit - long life, cleanliness, the modern look and more - or replacing their windows with vinyl ones.

With a strong in the field training service, keeping you up to date with new developments in th market and additional products in the range, and a network of help and advice for licensees second to none, the opportunity to sell replacement windows is set to be a popular choice, and for this reason you should think about getting on board now, while the chance is there to do so.

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